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The 2019 Vision Board Party was a success! The girls set great goals for the year of 2019. They learned how to set goals, set a plan, and shared positive affirmations that'll help them along the way. The girls were encouraged to put their vision board in a safe place with easy access throughout the year.    

TIP: Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based)

Below are a few pictures from the event! Want the inside scoop?...We have decided to make this an annual event and cannot wait until next year!

#Empower #Educate #Cultivate




Movie day was great! We watched "The Hate You Give" which led to an awesome conversation.  The girls learned how to react if pulled over by the police, they learned positive characteristics about themselves, & how to handle difficult classmates. 


TIPS- If pulled over...

- Comply with the officer (follow all reasonable/appropriate instructions given by the officer WITHOUT A SASSY ATTITUDE).

- Turn on your voice recorder BEFORE the officer arrives at your window.

- Keep your hands where the officer can see them and no sudden movements.

- Take notes of the officer (Facial features, badge numbers etc).

- Remember, if you disagree with the officer, you can always state your case in court. 

- Last but not least, make sure everyone in the car is aware of these rules. 

Until next time!

#Empower #Educate #Cultivate

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